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So you've decided to make the move to Industry 4.0.

Now What? 

Implementing an Industry 4.0 solution in your manufacturing plant is no easy task. The effort entails many challenges, perhaps first and foremost deciding where to begin the transformation.

In our new whitepaper, "Four Key Milestones for a Successful Industry 4.0 Implementation", we propose four key milestones for a successful Industry 4.0 and digital transformation implementation:

  • Defining the roadmap
  • Securing the strategic path for the implementation
  • Enhancing the implementation with change management
  • Managing the long-term Industry 4.0 strategy

Magic’s FactoryEye provides you with full visibility and real-time insights into business operational processes and KPIs, making your transition to Industry 4.0 smooth and fast.
Gain control of your business performance by fully integrating information flow from order to delivery, connecting your existing ERP, CRM, PLM, WMS, data hub, and production floor seamlessly.