Using this free edition of Magic’s powerful and versatile Magic xpa Low-Code Platform, you can choose from multiple deployment channels, including client/server, rich Internet (RIA), web (HTML5), cloud-enabled SaaS, and mobile, all from a single development effort.
Because Magic supports all leading mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile, your business applications can run securely and natively on any smartphone or tablet, now and in the future.
  • Rapid mobile and cross platform capabilities: Develop once and deploy across mobile, Web/HTML5, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), SaaS, and client/server. Full .NET compatibility. Multi-platform server support: Windows, Solaris, AIX, Linux, IBM i. Cloud-ready architecture.
  • Robust solution: High-performance self-healing and scalable architecture based on IMDG messaging infrastructure. Secured protocols and sessions. Authentication and encryption. N-Tier Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) support.
  • Fast & friendly development: Code-free, event-driven app development studio with Visual Studio-based form designer. Drag and drop business process orchestration. Pre-defined elements and components and built-in best practices shorten development cycles.

System integration is essential to reap the benefits of big data, IoT, and digital transformation. However, with all your different data silos and specialized systems, integration is not an easy business. Find out how to best walk through the system integration maze.

Read the new Magic white paper now to find out how you can best plan your integration!