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Need to show clear ROI before moving ahead to Industry 4.0? 

While the benefits of investing in an Industry 4.0 strategy cannot be overstated, measuring the success of a transformation can be tricky. Technology puts at the disposal of manufacturers the tools (IoT, big data, analytics), but this is not enough to become a smart factory. Processes and workflows must be in place, as well as the ability to integrate systems to maintain data consistency between them and allow intelligent measuring.

Today, mid-sized companies are especially well-positioned to take advantage of these industry drivers and improved technologies at lower costs. Previous investments in systems like ERP, MES, maintenance, DCSs, and a host of others will provide the foundation for 4.0. Today’s plug-and-play connectors deliver more reliable results than the custom connectors of a decade ago. Therefore, a solution that continuously synchronizes data and delivers actionable intelligence into the hands of decision-makers should ensure dramatic results.

But how can you measure these processes and results?

In our new whitepaper, "Metrics to Measure Your Investment in Industry 4.0", you will discover how FactoryEye delivers measurable improvements in Availability, Performance & Quality in just 45 days.