Oracle Orchestrator carries a number of challenges –

It cannot easily connect with CRM/eCommerce/CMMS systems, does not provide a method to connect and manage data from other applications, has limited data manipulation ability, and requires slow and complex development efforts.

Magic Software is an Oracle platinum partner, and our integration platform, Magic xpi, is a smart, flexible platform, providing intelligent connectivity from ERP JD Edwards to any system with a certified Oracle connector, and delivering the ultimate integration experience with Orchestrator. 


  • Experience: Unmatched level of JD Edwards integration expertise
  • Unique: Only solution that connects with JD Edwards and uses the business functions or Orchestrations completely out-of-the-box
  • No/Low Code: Drag, drop and configure solution that bridges the talent gap for highly skilled personnel
  • Loosely Coupled Integration: Eliminates version lock and ensures easier integration flows and upgrades to new JD Edwards versions/environments
  • Full Integration Tool: Offers more functionality than built-in tools and eliminates the need for expensive developers
  • TCO: Most Cost-effective solution over time

Download the white paper to learn how middleware integration tool can help you orchestrate, manage and integrate your applications more effectively.