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So you've decided to make the move to Industry 4.0.

Now What? 

The importance of data driven manufacturing can no longer be denied. Manufacturers that have access to real time data, analytics, and business insights have a competitive edge that allows them to maximize profits by reducing inefficiencies. 

Unfortunately, the decision to move to Industry 4.0 is the easy part. The challenge manufacturers now face is selecting the right type of Industry 4.0 implementation solution. 

How is a manufacturer to navigate potential solutions and pick the best one for their factory? 

In our new whitepaper, "Choosing the Optimum Industry 4.0 Solution", we weigh the most common solutions to help you pick the best one for your needs. 

Download the new Magic Software guide to learn more about the 3 most common Industry 4.0 solutions including: 

  • The IIoT Production Analytics Platform
  • The Business Intelligence Platform
  • The “TIER 1” ERP Platform

Discover who they're aimed at, the pros and cons of each, and how FactoryEye by Magic Software stacks up against the competition.